First Course: (served at table)
Blueberry Mini Scones
Caramel Mini Scones
Whip Cream and Lemon Curd
Assorted Selection of Tea Breads

Second Course: (served at buffet)
Garden Salad
Chicken Salad
Tuna Salad
Assorted Dressings
Cheese and Fruit Selections

Third Course: (served at dessert bar)
Champagne Raspberry Cupcakes
Assorted Meringues
Chocolate Truffles
Texas Tea Affair Specialty Cake

Full Leaf Teas:
Big Bend Reserve – Black Tea with Strawberries and Vanilla
Hibiscus Berry – Black Tea with Hibiscus buds and Oranges, Raspberries
Legend of the Alamo – Green Tea with Rose petals and Sage, Rosemary
Lemon Slices and Milk

Rare Tea Tasting:
Darjeeling – High Elevation Indian Black Tea, superb!
Aged Puerh – Only tea that is aged for depth and perfection. Earthy, musty tones.
Snowbird Rooibos – Caffeine-Free herbal infusion of green rooibos with roses and ginger.