You, the Hostess will provide:

  • a themed centerpiece (please keep this low so your guests can see over it)
  • two teapots
  • themed party favors (approximately $5.00 or so)
  • name tags and place cards (EIGHT guests per table)
  • small milk pitcher (if you need one, please contact us)


You may, if you choose to, provide a table topper (60″ round table), placemats, chargers, your own teacups (to be used so they won’t have to use the cup they received in the exchange),  linens, china, etc. – anything you want to use to embellish your theme. Also, you will be able to decorate the chairs (NO glue, hot glue, or anything that will damage the chair). Again, this part is optional.


Bring graciousness & kindness, an attitude of hospitality- it’s more important than how you set your table.  Offer gracious hospitality to the guests at your table during the event.

  • Refill teapots at the TEA STATION or assign a volunteer.
  • Visit with your guests, share tea memories.
  • Offer common directions to restrooms or exits if needed.


Liability- Nothing is to be taped, nailed, or pierced onto the walls, tables or chairs.  All areas will remain clear of boxes or packing materials. (A storage area will be provided to store your bins.) No fireworks or confetti are permitted.  Any damages incurred by hostess due to broken china or guest experience are not the responsibility of The Texas Tea Affair. We are not responsible for lost or stolen goods.