2017 Hostess Coordinator:

Penny Ward  

As a table hostess, there two main goals for the event:

1- Decorate and supply a theme for your table.

    • Decorate with your theme for eight seats. Tables are 60″ rounds.
    • Create a centerpiece.
    • Bring party favors ($5 limit / guest).   
    • Venue Provides: List
    • You Bring: List

2- Offer gracious hospitality to the guests at your table during the event.

  • Assign a volunteer to refill teapots at the TEA STATION.
  • Visit with your guests, share tea memories.
  • Offer common directions to restrooms or exits if needed.


(1)  REGISTER. Go to TICKET CHECKOUT to buy your discounted hostess ticket.

(2) If you’d like to reserve all the tickets for your table, please contact us to block out the seats.

(3) See our gallery of images on FaceBook. Follow us on Facebook for the latest event information.


Will iced tea or other beverages be served?

We are celebrating hot tea at this event and gladly serve iced water for guests enjoyment.

Can servers quickly refill our water glasses?

There will be one server per 5 tables. They refill as quickly as possible during lunch.

Will tea bags be allowed?

No, we are sponsored by a specialty tea blender. Only their loose leaf blends will be served.

What tea blends will served?

Hibiscus Black Tea, Lavender Earl Grey, Orange Green Tea.

Will wine or a cash bar be allowed?

No, alcohol on the premises would require additional security at the event. Thanks for your understanding.