2017 Women of the Year Embody the Spirit of Tea

Women Business Leaders Aubry Sartori (Stepping Stone-La Porte), Sandra Williams (Kemah Boardwalk Fudge-Kemah), and Deeann Peterson (Peterson Interiors-League City) will receive appreciation for guidance and tenacity in their respective fields this spring. In conjunction with the City of La Porte, Texas Tea & Travel will present Community and Business Leadership Women of the Year Awards to honor the giving spirit of tea and recognize the women who embody tea’s intrinsic qualities of wisdom and service.

Ginger Jones Sprouse (Clear Lake) and Brenda Thompson (La Porte) are the 2017 recipients of the Community Women of the Year. Awards will be presented at a sit down Texas Tea Affair at Sylvan Beach Pavilion on April 23. The event features decorated theme tables, gourmet lunch and door prizes giving back to the Bay Are Turning Point Shelter.

For 13 years the Texas Tea Affair has celebrated Texas women with a high tea and interactive day of elegance and delightful treats. On April 23, join modern tea lovers in La Porte, discount tickets at texasteaaffair.com.


Brenda Thompson is involved in many valuable areas that serve our community: La Porte Citizen’s Police Academy, La Porte Rotary Club and her church. She is the first to volunteer to help neighbors, friends, family and strangers. As a full-time Dupont employee, she wears many hats that require travel and time away. However, she has endless energy endless and involves her immediate family in service to the local community.  Raised in the spirit of giving, Brenda is a model of community commitment which enriches La Porte.

Ginger Jones Sprouse has made a big difference in someones life.  She met a young man sitting on the corner of Nasa Road & El Camino. She passed his corner everyday 3 -4 times. Always wondering about him and why he is there. She said at work everyone always says “someone needs to do something about this guy.” She learned his story and spread the word. She found people to help with Dr. Appointments. She set him up an online fund raising account and invited him into her home. Ginger has made a huge difference in Victor’s life and in everyone’s who got involved.

Aubry Sartori is an outstanding La Porte leader involved in several volunteer organizations. She graciously allows the Stepping Stone parking lot to be utilized for La Porte city events and leads conservation and clean up efforts to keep the Historic La Porte Cemetery beautiful and affordable.  She a strong member of community service non-profits: from grief counseling to emergency medical teams to the volunteer police department, Aubry’s leadership is felt in La Porte.

Deeann Peterson was born and raised in League City, TX. graduated from Clear Creek High school in 1980. One of Dee’s projects located on Lake Travis was featured on the Travel Channel show in 2005. Deeann and her Mike have restored 7 historical homes in League City’s Historic District, receiving the Prestgious Sally B. Wallis award from Galveston Historical Foundation for outstanding Rehabilitation of the home thy live in. In 2017, Dee is focusing on completing a precious 1904 home for a small B&B and for teas and showers.

Sandra Williams has the experience and fortitude of a veteran business owner of 26 years. Her doors have been open at the Kemah Boardwalk Fudge (formerly Eggsquisite Eggs) to showcase egg shell art (think FABERGE EGGS) and featured craft artists from around the world. Her 250 flavors of fudge, 25 jellies and various peanut brittles are shipped everywhere, closing only three days a year. Sandra is an award-winning fudge expert, starting Buc-ee’s line of fudges and can always be found running her treasured neighborhood shop as she supports local pets and clubs in need.

Lee Q Garcia, author of Texas Tea & Travel Guide Book, will present the awards at a sit down Texas Tea Affair at Sylvan Beach Pavilion during La Porte’s Historic Weekend April 22-23.  During the affair, honorees will volunteer as hat models for the charity event that benefits the Bay Area Turning Point shelter. “Over the years I have met some incredible and inspirational women who have led others by example,” says Garcia. “They do what they do because of love and ultimately a commitment to sharing knowledge, information and skills. It’s for the benefit of our wonderful gulf coast communities.”